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FFRG MT’s mission is to guide a community-driven vision of responsible growth in the Flathead Valley, where safety, resource quality, and community character are paramount.

Responsible Growth:

We promote policies and initiatives that support development in alignment with public safety, local culture, and community needs. Responsible growth should enhance, rather than detract from, our region’s unique character.

Aerial View of Downtown Whitefish Montana with the lake and big mountain in the background

Community Engagement & Partnerships:

We actively collaborate with community members, governmental bodies, local businesses, and organizations to facilitate informed dialogue, foster collaboration, and empower residents in decision-making processes.

Education & Advocacy:

We educate and inform the public about the benefits of responsible growth. We advocate for policies that align with our core values and mission.

Aerial View of Downtown Whitefish Montana with the lake and big mountain in the background


We advocate for sustainable land use, transportation, and resource management practices.

Aerial View of Downtown Whitefish Montana with the lake and big mountain in the background
Stock Photo - Drone view of the Montana State Capitol, in Helena

A coalition of homeowners has filed a lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of four laws passed by this year’s legislature; SB382, SB245, SB323, and SB528.

The suit takes particular issue with SB 382, the Montana Land Use Planning Act, stating that its changes to the public review process “is in violation of both the letter and the spirit of Montana’s public participation constitutional requirement and must be declared unconstitutional.”

Whitefish Growth Policy

Working Sessions, Information, and Senate Bill 382

Your participation in the Whitefish Growth Policy is paramount to the future of Whitefish, Montana and we’re excited to work together as a strong community!.

The city will be holding four visioning sessions in different locations April-June. These sessions will ask participants to identify distinctive areas of the city, what is special about your neighborhood  and discuss issues and opportunities.

Choose ONE of the four sessions based on the particular area in which you live. The map indicating the areas is located HERE For the very latest developments on the Growth Policy process, events, and updates, please visit their website. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to their newsletter!

There are many questions regarding Senate Bill 382 and its impact on the new Whitefish Growth Policy. For starters, there are 5 towns/cities in the state of Montana that are required (per new Montana state regulation), to have a growth policy. Whitefish is one of them. Once the process is finalized, public hearings on new developments will be a thing of the past. All development decisions will be left solely to the City Administrator, who will refer to the completed Growth Policy and its subsequent zoning regulations to make decisions on new developments. Aside from a small, conditional appeal window, once it’s done—it’s done.

So if we want any input on the future of our town, NOW IS THE TIME TO SHARE OUR VOICE!

At this time, the best way to do that is to come to the upcoming visioning sessions and spread the word to all your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to join!

If you missed the Growth Policy kick-off meeting presented by long-term planner Alan Tiefenbach, click here, or click on the button below.

We cannot stress
this enough:

the Whitefish Growth Policy is an extremely big deal, and your participation is paramount and much appreciated.

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